Mar ket ing
the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Successful marketing can be a journey into the unknown. Especially when testing new markets and or attempting to prove new ground. In many ways the parallel I like to make is that of drilling or "prospecting." During this phase we are working to identify new markets or improve existing techniques to increase the depth at which you are currently tapping your existing market.

When it comes to your business I can quickly identify your existing stategies and offer various ways in which to improve upon how you are selling your product or getting clients.

Using a variety of cutting edge techniques I can explain to you exactly how I can help you to reach new customers and bring you a strategy that generally involves the development of new creative assetts which will be advertised across a variety of channels to bring in new clients or increase your sales.

Market Research = Results

Knowing what the next step is can be the most difficult part. Many new or existing business often work on a model to obtain customers or gain sales through a method they were either taught or learned piece by piece through a great deal of trial and error. I take out the guess work in this process and present you with a cost effective and time conscious strategy to help you minimize your risk exposure and bring in new clients or customers as quickly as possible with results you can measure. If I have done my job completely you should be able to see exactly how long it will take to re-coop my fees.

cam paign
A coordinated series of steps that can include promotion of a product through different mediums (television, radio, print, online) using a variety of different types of advertisements.

If you are interested in entering a new market or proving new ground in your existing market my goal is to do everything possible to minimize financial risks associated with the campaign. Starting a new marketing campaign is like drilling a new hole. We are looking for paydirt. Knowing where to drill and having an idea as to how deep you will have to go is important. Would you invest in bunk housing for a long term crew if you did not even know if there was any oil there? Of course not. Unfortunately the nature of drilling requires an expenditure of capital to generate creative assetts to get new customers or sell additional product. I consider there to be about 6 fundamental requirements to begin a good marketing campaign. I can handle all 6 and even break them into separate contracts with separate invoices if need be.

6 Steps to Get BIG Results:
The entire marketing and advertising process can really be broken down into 6 key steps. As I work through a contract I usually work all 6 to get to a successful campaign. Below are 6 Steps to success.

Marketing Steps

1. Identify Opportunity - Opportunities and ideas are a dime a dozen. Taking action is far more meaningful. How often have you thought of a product or service that people might need and a year later someone else capitalizes on it? Maybe you have an idea you would like to execute but you just don't know how. If that is the case I am here to help you establish a good strategy based on years of experience testing new markets. Maybe you have an existing product or service and feel like you have hit a brick wall with growth. Maybe you feel like you are falling short of expectations you have for your business? I can help you identify new points of entry or show you where customers are you never knew existed.

2. Pre Market Entry Analysis and Profitability Forecasting - After identifying an opportunity or a working strategy in use by a competitor it is time to get to work. We both believe the pay dirt is there and you are interested in putting the actual bit into the ground to see how deep the well is. During this discovery phase we survey the market in order to get the lay of the land. It is my job to look at your or a similar business and take a look under the hood. At this point I will compile a flow chart that we will use throughout the rest of the process to direct us all the way through step 6. This includes analyzing the cost of advertising or "on foot" promotional efforts to establish a firm break even point and get a rough idea as to the best place to begin to drill.

3. Entry Strategy and Creative Assett Generation - After we have a blue print in front of us it is time to break some physical ground. At this point we decide on a firm direction and put images to layouts and usually begin to generate HTML. During this phase you are provided with drafts of comps and other creative material. If you are interested in broadcast advertising or video, storyboards are generated and a framework is compiled to map out the process. By now we have begun to walk in a definite direction and should be able to at least know where the finish line is. The entry strategy includes hashing out your advertising budget and forecasting all costs associated with our marketing efforts. You should have an idea and rough estimate as to what advertising will cost and know how much you have to make to obtain a positive ROI (Return on Investment) and our goals become increasingly more concrete.

4. Advertising and Media Buying - Advertising and media buying is a different process for different clients. Large media buys can involve alot of back and forth with the advertising network. For most people it is a simple matter of determining the market price of keywords and assembling a budget to advertise on Bing / Yahoo or Google. No matter how large or small your business is I will go to bat for you and make sure you get the best deal we possibly can. I will also utilize purchasing power and contacts on existing networks to get you deals you normally could not. I will also have additional tech support and administrative help on the publishers end you normally would not. This phase can be long winded for some and handled with a telephone call and a few emails for others. What you are willing to spend will have already been determined in step 2 and 3 so it is a matter of finding the best channel to advertise for your business.

5. Testing and Data Collection - You are only as good as your data. Being able to pair traffic with transactions or customers with purchases is vital. I will tell you where your customers are coming from, what time of day they are buying and what kind of technology they are using. You will know how long they are staying on the website and who is buying from what location. Information such as what keywords translate to conversions or buys will be taken into account. My goal with advertising is to have a big impact with as little cash expenditure as possible. I enter the market with the big toe before sticking my entire foot in. By starting out with a conservative buy in a limited area you will have a smaller risk exposure. I do not charge in a testing phase a percentage of the advertising budget. Therefore there is no incentive for you to spend more. At this phase in the game we put the chips on the table and switch the ads on and see how we did.

6. Profitability Analysis - Profitability analysis can be a complex process depending on where you are advertising and the size of your campaign. Especially with keyword advertising. You might be positive in some markets and negative in others. There will ultimately have to be a decision made to continue or abandon the rig so to speak. Usually this phase requires some tweaking even if positive and starting again to fine tune and refine the results and try and filter out either junk traffic or wasted and uneffective keywords or phrasing in the advertisement.

Creative Services

Any successful marketing and advertising campaign has hundreds of moving pieces that must fit together to form a cohesive presentation. I specialize in handling just about every part of the entire build all the way to tracking a customers behavior and quantifying the results. I can also sub contract any specific piece you may be interested in and can tailor make a campaign to cover only the specific pieces you need.

  • Photography

    My bachelors degree and my early career was spent in the world of professional photography. Web, print, studio or location I have you covered.

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  • Graphic Design

    Cutting edge design for your brand or product allows you to put your best foot forward and is important to help you stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

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  • Web Development

    Semantically correct and valid HTML designed to appear flawlessly across all devices. I cover you with Schema markup and web sites with built in SEO.

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  • Marketing

    With extensive marketing and advertising experience I have the tools to create custom campaigns to target your customers with quantifiable results.

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  • Advertising

    Bring new customers to your business or cut unnecessary waste and fine tune existing campaigns. Get results you can measure and customers we can track.

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  • Brand Development

    If you are interested in bringing a new product to market I provide concepts and pre planning framework that accounts for all aspects of creative development.

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